A Baller’s Guide to Enjoying Detty December in 2020

Phew! 2020 came with a lot of pepper and did a great job of showing all of us. Due to that, we’d like to send a shout-out to everyone who has stuck with it and kept the grind going. 

Here at our Carbon Community, we’re very optimistic people. We also like to prepare ourselves financially to the best of our ability. As we enter the holiday season a.k.a Detty December, we thought it’s essential for us to share four ways you can maximize your funds if you’re on a budget because once a baller, always a baller.

Shall we?

  • Spend like there’s actually tomorrow

We often hear this saying: “Act like tomorrow doesn’t exist.” Good advice when applied in the right context! Like deciding to finish a full season of your favorite series in one day.

But if there’s anything 2020 has done for us, is opening our eyes to the reality that there’s always tomorrow. 

In other words, ji ma sun on your finances.

There are many Decembers ahead to cause damage. Spend your hard-earned money on only the things you need if you’re on a tight budget. God no go shame us.

  • Travel like Ajala, Ball like a pensioner

Yes, we asked you to watch your spending. We did not mean “lock yourself at home throughout the festive season. If you like to travel, you can still do it. Only on a budget this time.

For instance, if you’ve always gone to bask yourself in the sunsets of Santorini, maybe this is the year you finally visited Ikogosi Warm Springs. Who knows? You may end up having the experience of a lifetime. We’re just saying sha.

However, we know some people have coconut heads, them no dey hear word and abroad is their only vacation. If that is you, look out for discounted travel packages to exciting destinations outside the country. Check their itinerary, accommodation options, and build a budget around it. As you do this keep note of coronavirus guidelines.

  • Keep some of it locked

If you are lucky enough to have some spare cash during this period. One piece of advice we’d like to give you is to always look for ways to grow their wealth. It is relevant now more than ever. 

Using this year as a point of reference, it is good to save and invest some of your funds. Not only for the sake of stacking your money somewhere. But also, as a way to earn more while saving.

By investing with Carbon, you stand a chance of getting high interest rates and also being a millionaire as we have the Carbon Investment Challenge running. The next draw is on 1st January. Create your investment now

  • There’s love (and cost reduction) in sharing

When we ran around wishing each other a Happy New Year in January, no one would have thought that onions the size of a pinkie finger would be ₦100 come November. Everything don cost.

To help with expenses during this festive period, you can cut costs by collaborating with other people. Like splitting the cost of a full ram, bag of rice, or basket of tomatoes. Food items are often cheaper when you get them for wholesale prices. 

So, jazz up and start creating those WhatsApp groups now

We’re always looking out for you and hope that these tips are as helpful as they are to us. Because everyone deserves a December to remember! 

Don’t be selfish, share this article with a friend who needs these reminders.

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