Are you eating good?

It’s that time of the month again 👀 

I know it’s not only me that’s been looking forward to this week since the 1st day of the month. Every day, I check my calendar and I’m like “Omo, when will salary day reach nau?” 😫

Anyway, come and celebrate with me o. I finally received my salary this morning. I’m eating gooood this coming weekend. 💃

But before I start spending my money on food and other things I want, I had to take one very important step. My house rent is due in December so I’ve been using Carbon’s periodic investment feature to save money every month.

Omo, I remember last year, Carbon really came through for me. I created a fixed deposit in the app months before and it was those funds + interest I used to settle my rent when the time came. I was so relaxed and happy, chai! Normally, I’d have been anxious and started saving like 2 or 3 months before the rent day.

That’s why this year, nobody taught me before I created a periodic plan sharp sharp. I need to be covered because corona is still outside. I can’t risk my landlord asking me to carry my bag and enter the streets. And the thing is sweet sha, I don’t need to do anything. Every 28th, my wallet is automatically charged and my investment is processed instantly. 🤩

If you’re like me and you’ve been waiting for this week too, biko, save something before you start spending o. So when the time for big bills come, it won’t result in “had I known”

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