Do more now with Paylater!

We’ve just released an update to the app that marks an exciting next step in our evolution! For the first time, we’re offering features that are not specific to loans but, more importantly, allow our customers to do a lot more with the app. You can now:

  1. Get instant loans (obviously)
  2. Recharge airtime for your mobile phone
  3. Pay bills for different services
  4. Send cash to friends and family
  5. Setup transactions to occur at a future date
  6. Get improved loan offers for completing transactions

We’re always focused on ways to better engage with our customers and increase the value the app adds to your life.

Through customer surveys, market research, and just looking at our customer usage data, it became quite clear that our loans were being used largely to fund the same types of activities — the logical next challenge was to build channels that would facilitate these transactions and make it easier and more convenient for our customers to accomplish their daily tasks.

It was also important that we could offer a way to convert our additional insight on financial patterns observed from these transactions into something that is frequently requested — larger loan amounts!

As a result of that, we’ve added these brand new features:

Funds Transfer

You can now send cash to friends, family and clients 24/7, anywhere you are. Do you send transfers every month for the same things, and are tired of forgetting to do so? It’s time to stop upsetting your landlord — let us help.

With all our new features, you can setup a recurring payment plan, which allows you to choose to be automatically charged for specific transactions dailyweeklymonthly or even annually.

Airtime Top Up

Are you always on your phone? (hopefully using Paylater)

Need to stay on top of all the latest news, gossip, and trends on social media?

Staying in touch with friends on chat platforms?

We’ll help you get closer to the things you love — purchase airtime and datato all mobile networks, in the app.

Bill Payments

We’ve got all your favourite services, available in the Paylater app:

  • Purchase power with PHCN when you run out of units in the middle of the night, and the mosquitoes are sounding extra hungry.
  • Renew your DSTV subscription — maybe even make a few bets, and secure your front row seat to watch Arsenal’s latest disaster (sorry, Chijioke Dozie)
  • Make your tithe payment to your church when you forget your wallet at home on Sunday morning, and your blessings cannot wait.

No matter what you need to get done or when — the Paylater app can help make that happen.

Oh, and don’t forget: If you’re an MTN Nigeria customer, you can use all these new features, with absolutely no impact to your data plan. What more could you ask for?

We aren’t the first (and we almost certainly won’t be the last) service to offer the ability to complete these types of transactions. However, we’re approaching this a bit differently. What we hope to achieve with these additions is three-fold:

  • Offer a better and more convenient service that meets you at your points of need, and not the other way around.
  • Lower the excessive (and in our view, unfair) transaction fees that make it more expensive to complete day-to-day transactions. We’ll offer lower charges on transactions than you’ll find on any banking service.
  • Most importantly, this will enable you — even if you’ve previously been ineligible for loans due to insufficient information to accurately assess you— to start building a transaction history which can serve as a pathway to accessing larger Paylater loans.

Perhaps it’s time to stop using services that give you little back for your usage. We’ll reward you in the right way when you transact on the Paylater app.

Have questions on any of our new features? Check out some Frequently Asked Questions or shoot us a message on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

What’s next?

This year, we’re focused on continuing to accelerate our growth, international expansion, and most importantly, making the Paylater app the central point for easier, safer and fairer financial transactions.

Loans, savings, bill payments, fund transfers, investments, virtual cards and wallets, English app, French app — you name it. These are all a natural progression of our mission to build the best digital financial service from Africa, exported to the world.

We’d love to have you along for the ride.

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