Now Available — Payroll loans!

We have some great news for salary earners today. There’s 250+participating employers across Nigeria offering payroll loans to their employees, via the Paylater app!

How to apply

1) Check to see if your employer is on this list

2) If so, simply update your Paylater app, apply and agree to have your repayments deducted automatically from your salary account on the due date(s). In your app, you’ll see a display like this one below.

3) Receive cash in your bank account instantly. It’s that easy. ?

Refer a friend, get cash

Even if you don’t work at one of the listed companies, you can still get involved! If you invite a friend that works at one of these companies, we’ll give you a ₦500 discount* for each person you refer.

If you already have the app, you can share your referral link by clicking here.

Can’t find an employer?

Not to worry! We’ll add on new employers as quickly as we can, so keep checking the list of participating companies for updates, or to speed things up — harass your HR to come and talk to us.

“I’m a business owner — how about me?”

There’s no parsha here! We’ll always have you covered, no matter what.

You can still access loans of up to ₦1m, recharge airtimepay bills and transfer money in the app — whenever and wherever you need it.

Here’s a few key things to note

  • Repayments are made directly as deductions from your company salary account on the agreed payment date(s).
  • We’re offering 1- and 3-month loans. The loan amount that can be accessed depends on your current salary.
  • Initially, we’re making this available only to people who have never previously received a Paylater loan. If you’ve had unsuccessful Paylater applications to date or never applied, make sure you try this out!
  • We’ve updated our Terms and Conditions to reflect a few changes brought about by this new service. These will go into effect from May 1st, 2018.

The updated Paylater app is now available for download on the Google Play Store.

*more info on our discount program here

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