Paylater Tips For Financial Security

Technology brings us a lot of ease and convenience but, as with most good things, can have its downsides. As the Paylater service continues to grow rapidly, unfortunately, so too will some bad actors seeking to defraud unsuspecting individuals by pretending to represent our service.

Keeping our customers secure is top priority for us. To ensure you have the safest experience while using our service, please communicate with us only via the approved support channels shown below:

Contact us at Paylater

Some tips on how to ensure financial security and protect yourself:

  • Never give money to any individual

    We never request money in order to process loan applications. Outside of loan repayments (which you should only complete securely in your app, our web portal or by transfer to our only approved bank account: Paylater, GTB 0217599035), you will never be asked for money by a Paylater agent.

  • Do not share any personal details with individuals claiming to represent Paylater.

    Providing personal information such as your full name, date of birth, BVN, and account details to unknown individuals are risky and can lead to identity theft. Your 9-digit Paylater client ID is all we need to identify you on our platform. If any such information is ever requested for verification, ensure the request comes only from one of the authorized support channels shown above.

  • Never share your Paylater PIN

    When registering in the app, you’re required to create a 4-digit Paylater PIN to keep your account safe – it’s important to keep this to yourself as sharing can provide another individual with access to conduct transactions without your authorization.

  • Never share your debit/ATM card details – not even with our agents!

    Your card details (such as card number, CVV, or PIN) are private, and should only be known to you. When making a repayment or setting up a card, you should only do so in the app, where we have implemented global-standard PCI-DSS compliance to securely process transactions and protect you. If you have any technical issues, you may contact us for help, but do so without providing sensitive information displayed on the card.

  • There is no Paylater ‘office’

    Our service is 100% online, and available only in the app – if you’re ever asked to fill in information regarding your Paylater account at a physical location, please leave immediately and report such instances to us.

    In addition, to ensure financial security across all digital services, keep your devices safe and within sight at all times.

    Stay safe!

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