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Are you preparing for vacation?
Cynthia Muriithi
November 25, 2020
4 Mins

I know it’s not just me that has been counting down.  Now my salary has arrived safely in my Carbon bank account and my long-awaited vacation is starting to come through. I’m so excited!

Whether I have decided to travel by Emirates or God is Good Transport, I still had to ensure that I funded my periodic investment with Carbon, that’s how I’ve managed to save up enough for my vacation in December.

I created a fixed deposit in the app months before, it was the funds plus interest I used to settle my vacation fee, as well as transport, food, and drinks.

I remember my vacation last year I had to take out a loan from my former bestie. Imagine, after charging me interest she was vexing that I didn’t bring back present. See nonsense!

Anyway as your advisor let me share some tips to prepare for vacation (and avoid any ‘embarazzment’). You have pen and paper abi. Oya let’s go!

  • Set travel dates and estimate likely costs for big items like transport and lodging.

(If you are like me, start start befriending people in advance so you can crash in their house).

  • Set up your Carbon savings account.

I created a periodic investment with Carbon. Every Friday (before temptation catches me), my wallet is automatically deducted and my investment is processed instantly. If you want daily savings e dey. Monthly sef. All join.

  • Eat out less

Remember this line “There’s rice at home?” stick to it, please. Abi is your father’s name Dominos or Coldstone? Worst worst if you are tired just smoke small garri.

  • No lotto or betting

Yes, we all think that today is our day for lucky number. But calculate all the bets you have made at Baba Ijebu and subtract the winnings. Simple maths – na who win? I am sure na Baba dey smile since.  Think am well put the money in savings.

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