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Product Update
Carbon Zero in the app: a more convenient way to shop now, pay later, interest-free 
Ademola Adepoju
October 8, 2021
2 mins

We’re excited to announce to you today…

Carbon Zero is now being rolled out into the app!

Spending decisions are getting harder to make; almost everyone has a budgeting app nowadays and rightly so. As a result, it could take longer, sometimes months, to get an item you want. But Carbon Zero in the app means you can now reduce that wait time. 🎉

You can now pay for that beautiful dress or take that dream vacation and split the payment into four interest-free installments over six weeks. All at no interest charged.

All it takes is one card...and the Carbon app

The Carbon app is where the party’s at now when it comes to buying now and paying later for items. As a Carbon Bank customer, you’re already one foot in the door. But the real passport to enjoying the benefits of Carbon Zero in the app is having a Carbon debit card. It’s where your funds will be for interest-free purchases.

One thing to note though is that you have to be eligible, after which you get a pre-approved limit to shop as you like. You will also be required to pay the first installment of 25% of the total cost at the point of purchase. And you get your item instantly.

Shop without limits

Whether you’re shopping from your favourite online store or prefer to walk into a physical location, you can split payment for products and services pretty much anywhere. That’s your Carbon debit card doing its thing, you know. 😉

So, you don’t just have access to our affiliate store partners. You can also use Carbon Zero even at stores we’ve never heard of. The best part? You have access to an unlimited range of products and brands in fashion and beauty categories, gadgets, furniture, electronics, and more service-based experiences like travel, education, and healthcare.

It’s easy to pay with Zero

Whether you’re shopping online or in-person at a physical store, Carbon Zero is straightforward to use. You’ll be out of there in no time, and with less worry about straining your budget. 🤗

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into the Carbon app go to ‘Carbon Zero’ on the ‘Home’ section
  2. Go to ‘Fund a purchase’ and complete the fields to make a purchase request
  3. Make a down payment of 25%, and confirm the transaction
  4. Voila, complete your payment online or in-person

It’s the first of its kind, you don’t want to miss out on shopping better

No one else allows you to buy now and pay later across any merchant of your choice and interest-free. Except for Carbon Zero that gives you the freedom to shop everywhere Visa cards are accepted. 

Not a Carbon Bank customer yet? Open a free account in a few minutes here and get 61 free transfers for October, too! 🚀

An account tailored just for you

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