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Come and carry your ₦1 million please. 💰
November 26, 2020
2 Mins read

Ahh, my main boss wey sabi! See how you’re looking fresh. As a future Honourable Minister! Anywhere you reach, your people remain loyal.
Wait, wait – oya you can relax. I’m not about to ask you to do weekend for me. Someone cannot even hail you small again? The truth is – I’m actually the one that wants to bring money to you.

There’s one small ₦1 million with your name written on it.

Every month for the next year, Carbon will give away cash prizes to reward investors on the platform! On the 1st day of each new month, a draw will be held and one person will go away with ₦1 million, while 40 others will get ₦100,000 each. All that’s needed to qualify is to invest money with Carbon and maintain an investment balance of at least ₦5,000 and above for 30 days or more. That’s all.

By October next year, there will have been 500 winners and ₦60 million given out. Clean your eyes – it’s not film trick o. I’m sharing this with you mainly because I honestly feel like the money is already yours.

Despite Carbon offering the highest investment rates in the market, 9 out of 10 people you speak to still keep their money in commercial banks, despite only earning a 1% interest rate – and that’s before you deduct bank charges.

(Me I feel say na jazz, but I still dey observe.)

But anyway, do you know what that means? It has left the road free for you. As others are doing charity work and dashing free money to their nearest bank MD, by investing now on Carbon, not only do you earn up to 15.5% interest but then you can now win cash on top? Ah!

Let me even stop here. Anything I say now is just delaying you from winning your cash. We’ll have plenty of time to talk after you get the ₦1m credit alert.

E go be.

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