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How to protect yourself against fraud 🙅🏾‍♀️
Ademola Adepoju
October 14, 2021

It’s 2021 and money-related scams aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. These fraudulent individuals keep looking for new ways to rip you of your hard-earned money. And while they can be a little smart, you can be even smarter and avoid them totally. Especially when it comes to your Carbon bank account.

So, here are some tips for keeping your account safe based on real life scenarios. Let’s go.

We’ll never message you first on social media

This is one of the most obvious scams. The fraudster slides into your Facebook or Instagram inbox claiming to be a member of our Customer Support team. Red flag alert 🚩. It’s definitely not us, it’s them.

We will only message you when you send us a message on social media (usually as a response to a complaint you may have). Otherwise, we keep our distance, as you should from any account sending you a DM asking you to borrow loans or invest with a company that isn’t the official Carbon account.

We’re not on WhatsApp

One of the strategies adopted by a couple of scammers is creating fake WhatsApp accounts and impersonating Carbon. But we’re not on WhatsApp. So, it’s impossible to reach out to a customer on WhatsApp if we’re not available there. 

We won’t ask for your PIN

The Support team doesn’t need your PIN to fix any complaints or issues you have with your Carbon account. We have no reason to ask you to give us something as private as your password or PIN. Anyone asking you for that is automatically a scammer and you should totally ignore messages from such persons.

Watch out for offers that are too good to be true

When it comes to getting a loan from Carbon, the entire transaction happens on the Carbon app. You can’t make us an offer via SMS or social media messages. Neither can we. Everyone who applies for a loan from Carbon undergoes the same process -- getting pre-qualified on the app based on their credit history and other rules.

Get familiar with Carbon’s Support channels

One of the reasons fraudsters succeed is because they prey on the notion that you, as a customer, don’t recognize the company’s real channels -- like social media handles and email — from the fake ones.

So, together with everything we’ve listed above as red flags, we advise that you get familiar with our main channels.

Just click on the links below to view and follow our official social media pages, especially for more product and security updates.





Use the Carbon app to log complaints instead

For issues that need quick resolutions  (and for peace of mind if you want to avoid social media messages altogether), you can use the In-App Support feature on the Carbon App. It’s the same: you can easily reach out to the Support team for help whenever you need it.

For more information on how this feature works, you can head over here.

An account tailored just for you

Open a new Carbon bank account from your phone or computer and follow the simple on-screen steps to register for an account in minutes.