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No Party this Christmas, no problem
December 25, 2020
2 Mins read
Compliments of the season!

How’s Christmas looking like on your end? Let me guess; you’re not happy with the latest Coronavirus restrictions introduced by the government. I feel your pain. Even me sef, I had plans. But you know, na person wey dey healthy dey do Detty December. So, let’s do what they asked us to do, you hear?

Anyway, trust me to always have a back-up plan for everything. I can never be caught off guard. Who says I can’t have fun if I don’t go to Quilox or attend our street Carnival? Let me share this checklist I created to ensure that the Christmas holiday still bangs, lockdown or not.

  • Subscribe to DSTV – you and I know that movies go yapa on top Cable TV this period, from the classics to the recent blockbusters. So, just subscribe now so you don’t miss out on all the action. Fry lots of chicken and buy plenty of drinks for you and your loved ones so you can enjoy all the TV goodness together.
  • Pay your electricity bills – don’t give NEPA the excuse to take your light (and your Christmas groove). You know it’s double wahala if you can’t go anywhere and you still don’t have light. You’ve been warned.
  • Is there fuel in the generator? – Las las, someone has to prepare for surprises from normal service providers. So, check your generator? Is it serviced? More importantly, you don full the tank? Stay jiggy.
  • Internet nko? – Imagine streaming your favorite Christmas and the thing suddenly starts to buffer because…network. Tears start to stream instead of your movie. But let’s avoid that biko. By loading your phone or mifi or internet router with all the data you need for the holidays.

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