Ways to make extra money during the festive period


At some point, we’ve all stopped to wonder what we could do to make some extra cash; more money is never a bad idea. However, making more money requires a considerable amount of effort unless you’re going through some make-money-real-fast means, which might not be entirely legal.

It’s the 46th week in 2018, and I think I’m allowed to say that this year really flew by. One minute, we were making resolutions, and the next, we can feel 2019’s breath on our faces.

If you’ve come far with managing your finances and staying prudent this year, congratulations! If you are yet to figure out your finances, that’s good too because you get to take on a new challenge.

The festive season of 2018 is upon us, and there are probably financial targets you’re looking to meet – at least I am.
With this in mind, here are a few ways to make extra money this festive period.

1. Put your old belongings up for sale

Yard sales aren’t very common in our part of the world, but it’s definitely a creative way to make money. If you have no idea what to put up for sale, here are some ideas: cutlery and dining sets you haven’t used in the last few years, gift items that you haven’t used, old toys, and clothing and footwear that you have grown out of or do not wear anymore.
It’s okay to sell these items to make some extra cash, as long as they are in good shape.

2. Be a tour guide

During the festive period, a lot of people visit Nigeria; first-time, foreign visitors and even Nigerians who haven’t been back in a long time.
If you live in an exciting city, know it well, and you’re able to find these returnees, you could reach out to them, introduce yourself and offer to show them nice places in your city at a fee. You can make some cash from showing them fun and famous places in your city. This is also flexible as you can do it in your spare time – weekends.

3. Offer delivery services

If you have some spare time, and even a vehicle, you could definitely make some extra cash this festive season. People are constantly looking to move things from one place to another, and might not have the time nor means to make the trip. Tell your friends that you’ll be offering delivery services at a fee, and have them spread the word. You’ll be surprised how relieved people would be to hear that you can take the responsibility.

4. Build a website for your business

You can make a lot of extra cash this festive period by building a website for your business. With your website, more people outside your locale can reach you and request whatever service or product you offer. Websites are relatively cheap, but if you cannot bear the cost at the time, you can take out a small Paylater loan to help you with that.

Extra tip: You can make a lot more cash when you sign up to place Adsense ads on your website. If your site gets the stipulated amount of traffic required for approval, then you can have ads on your site and make money every time someone gets on your site and sees them or clicks on them. Great, right?

5. Start a gift service

With the festive period approaching, people are looking to give gifts to their loved ones. Sometimes, they’re either too busy or unsure what gift items to buy them. If you’re good at thinking up creative gift ideas, you can make extra money by offering that as a service at a fee.

In addition to these creative ways to make extra money, you can simply offer anything you’re naturally good at or skilled in as a service – singing, making clothes, quilting, dancing, etc.


Finally, when you do make that extra money, don’t spend it all. You could pay off billsinvest the rest of your money,  and continue to offer the service to make more cash if it scales.

I hope you find these ideas helpful.



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